Federal Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) is available to most federal employees. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company administers the program under a contract with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). It is the largest group life insurance program in the world, covering more than 4 million federal employees and retirees, as well as many of their family members1.

From FEGLI’s basic life insurance to Options A, B, C, and everything in between, how do you choose the right insurance for your needs? It varies greatly from one employee to another. As is the case with all group life insurance, the coverage is in regimented increments and the rates are based off the age and claims history of the group. Sometimes this one-size-fits-all approach to life insurance can leave an employee paying for more life insurance than they need or they’re left inadequately covered for their current liabilities. This can lead to increased costs both while an employee is working and into retirement.

Most employees have a need for some level of life insurance well into retirement, but that need is dependent on one’s own personal situation such as: income, spousal support, income replacement, major medical out-of-pocket, final expenses and legacy gifts. To make a proper decision on how much life insurance is needed, click here.

1 https://www.opm.gov/healthcare-insurance/life-insurance/

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