There is no bigger decision than when to retire. Many retirees find themselves questioning over and over if they are going to have enough money. What we have found is the sooner we know what the retirement pension will be, the better it will be for the employee. We have the ability to accurately calculate what your pension will be a year from now, five years from now; or 20 years from now. Whether you are CSRS or FERS, we are equipped to show you the comparison between what your gross income is now versus what it will be when you retire. By knowing the formula that is used to compute your pension, we have the flexibility to show you varying scenarios and situations, in order to find the perfect retirement date to fit your needs.

Survivor Benefit Computation

The spousal benefit is one of the most common benefits we receive questions on when an employee is getting ready to retire. The questions often included:

  • Will my spouse be left with anything if I die prematurely?
  • Can I leave behind my benefits to my children?
  • How much does a survivor benefit cost?
  • Will my pension “reset” if my spouse passes before me?

These are personal and challenging questions to answer when trying to decide on the right strategy for retirement. As a firm we have tried to take a logical and pragmatic approach to your spousal benefits. We will let employees know what their spouse can expect if the federal employee passes away and how much it will reduce the employee’s pension if that option is elected. By knowing the exact cost of providing this benefit, the employee is able to make an educated decision on if this benefit is a necessary addition to their pension.

Social Security Estimation

Social Security becomes a large part of federal employees’ retirement income. Not all federal employees receive their full Social Security benefits; those hired prior to 1984 may be subject to a Windfall Elimination Provision and could have a portion of their Social Security held back and not paid. For the rest of the federal employees, Social Security can be just as confusing as their other income streams. We try to alleviate the misconceptions about Social Security and give you an estimate on how much you will receive, as well as what ages you can expect your benefits to start. By knowing these numbers, you can make a more educated decision about which age is best to start taking Social Security benefits and have an estimate of how much you will receive.

FERS Supplement Computation

The FERS supplement is meant to help federal employees reaching the age of retirement prior to when their Social Security benefits start. In this scenario, a federal employee, if eligible, will receive a bridge payment until they reach the age at which they can first start drawing their Social Security benefits, age 62. This supplement can be a very important piece of a federal retirement because it may create enough income for a federal employee to retire before turning 62, without depleting their extra savings held in their Thrift Savings Plan or other investments. Being able to get an accurate FERS supplement amount will not only give you realistic retirement picture, but also may help turn your dreams of a comfortable retirement into a plausible reality.

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