Making changes to your current benefits can be a challenging task. Once your decision is made and you are ready to make changes, your job is just beginning. We try to make this process as simple and efficient as possible for you. We will help to locate the necessary forms or websites to make the changes, assist you in completing the forms accurately and help ensure they are sent to the right departments. We want you to consider us as an extension of your HR department because we are always working in your best interest.  Our goal is to successfully aid you in finding the perfect plan to meet your needs and help you feel confident that your money is being used efficiently for your future.  We have the knowledge to assist you with making changes, and will use our experienced team and plethora of resources to help ensure you have a properly coordinated benefit program.

Retirement Package Counseling

Making the decision to retire is tough enough, let alone finding and completing all the necessary forms to retire with the benefits you want, in the time-frame you desire. We will take the time to help you complete your retirement package, with a live person. Our goal is not to send you to a series of general videos on the internet, or perform a general counseling session over the phone. Our goal is to get to know your individual situation, guide you through the package and assist you with making some of the hard choices.  These choices include: what day to retire, choosing whether or not to have a survivor election, if you need to change tax rates, and what life insurance options you should keep? Using our process, we have already worked out many of these answers for you, making our retirement package counseling a more comfortable and efficient process.  We want you to feel confident you are making the right choices and that there won’t be any surprises awaiting you when that date finally comes.

Military/Casual Buyback

Not everyone starts their career out working in the civilian services. Employees that have spent some time in the military have the opportunity to buy those years back and have it added on to your federal service years. In some cases, by making the upfront financial commitment to purchase back those years, a federal employee can create a higher lifetime pension amount. Weighing the costs vs. benefits of buying your time back can be a complex issue, which is why it’s crucial to do your research with a professional that has the necessary expertise in this field. Once the decision to buy your years back is made, the process has just begun. Our firm will walk you through what forms are necessary to complete, what items need to be included with those forms and where to send everything in order to get a timely response.

This process can also be done with some certain periods of casual or part time. In order to see if you are eligible to buy back your military or casual time and discover if it is the right choice for you, please contact one of our representatives who will be happy to assist you with this.

Receive Your Federal Benefit Workbook

Please fill out the form to the right with your information to receive your personalized federal benefit workbook.  This workbook will help you understand when you are eligible to retire, compute your monthly pension, show you how Social Security works and explain the options available to you with FEGLI and TSP.

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