Knowing exactly what fund choices to invest your Thrift Savings in takes time, research and sometimes luck. With the different and diverse fund choices participants are offered, the Thrift Savings Plan has accounted for periods of tremendous growth and tremendous loss. Timing those growth and loss patterns and making adjustments as different scenarios play out in the economies of the world can help you maximize your returns and minimize your wealth-depleting drawdowns. Most of the federal employees we work with don’t have the time to spend researching what indicators can affect the stock market and what to do when these indicators are present. Just imagine knowing that the C fund was going to lose 36.99 percent in 2008 and pulling your balance out of the market and then putting it back into the market when we experienced a series of positive returns amounting to 107 percent. There is always risk when invested in the market. What our appropriately licensed advisors assist you in doing, is helping you allocate your TSP within the different fund choices, making sure your TSP account reflects your goals, ensuring you are not exposed to excess risk, and making sure you are aware of some of the events that could have a tremendous impact on the returns you are experiencing in your account.

Income Computation

When the Thrift Savings Plan was constructed it was mainly meant as a resource to help federal employees create another income stream in retirement. For FERS employees, it was meant to account for a third of their income sources in retirement. For us, it is important to show the people we work with what their income may look like in retirement with the funds they have in their TSP. By understanding what this number is and how much it can change due to increasing contributions, longer working years and positive and negative investment performances, we can help you to understand how much you need to rely on your TSP and how much you can count on your TSP as part of your retirement. We can help you navigate through the complicated calculators on the TSP website and also help you understand the difference between the various income options you are given within the frame-work of TSP. Our goal is to inform you, so you are able to make the best educated decision about your often biggest asset.

TSP Options at Retirement

With a TSP account there are four main options you can take at retirement. Within those four options there are almost a dozen different payment options and multiple forms depending on what action is being performed, making the whole process daunting and overwhelming. We try to take as much of the burden out of deciding on what to do with your account as we can. We will show you the various options you have through TSP and help you to wade through all the details. We will also help you understand the outside investment world and assist you in drawing parallels between your Thrift Savings Plan and outside IRA accounts that may offer more of the features you will need for a healthy retirement. The important thing to remember about this process is you need an advisor who has experience working with the Thrift Savings Plan and can assist you in making decisions that represent your best interest. Our advisors will help you to objectively sort through those options and help you make informed, educated and confident decisions about this very important area of your retirement.

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