Our team is dedicated to helping you plan your best retirement.

Having helped a generation of federal employees navigate and maximize their retirement, Benefit Resource Partners (BRP) has focused on one goal: To inform, advise and collaborate with federal employees like you to successfully coordinate benefits and work toward a healthy financial future during retirement.

As you plan for retirement, we focus on helping you:

Determine where you are with your current benefit elections.

Envision what you want your perfect version of retirement to be.

Design a strategy that aligns with what you want to guide you on a path to a positive retirement experience.

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Meet the team ready to partner with you on your retirement path.

Photo of Brent Ford

Brent Ford


Brent founded BRP because he saw a need for elevating retirement planning for federal employees like you. By communicating openly and honestly every step of the way, Brent wants to ensure you feel confident about the decisions you make as you plan for the retirement income you want to achieve. He answers every question, addresses all concerns, and strives to meet all your needs until your financial future is improved to your satisfaction.

Photo of Zac Cockfroft

Zac Cockroft


Putting your interests above his own, Zac uses his expertise in helping federal employees like you—at any stage in their careers—coordinate and maximize retirement benefits. Providing the highest level of service, Zac’s a problem solver who finds enormous satisfaction in helping people retire earlier than expected and have the income needed for a stress-free retirement.

Brent and Zac are dedicated to serving you throughout your federal benefits and retirement planning journey.

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Do emotions affect your retirement planning?

Learn to make rational, clear-headed decisions about your retirement financing with the help of BRP founder Brent Ford’s book Retirement Mindset: How Mastering Emotions Helps You Master Retirement.

The Amazon bestseller guides you through the process of making decisions that will lead to the best possible chance of retirement success—no matter what personal or governmental circumstances may arise.

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Brent Ford with Brian Culp, Retirement Mindset
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